Thanks to its advanced customization, you compose yourself the pillow adapted to your morphology

1 / Our observation

Physical comfort is intimately linked to the anatomy of each. It’s our muscles and tissues that relax. They are therefore closer to their state of rest (that is to say neither flexion nor extension). That’s where the feeling of comfort comes from.

As we all have different anatomies, this state of rest can not be the same for everyone. To get the feeling of comfort, different parameters specific to each individual must be taken into account.

2 / The patent

The modular core of our pillow allows to change the intensity of the support provided by the pillow. Thus, each individual can choose the support that suits him according to his morphology.

In addition, the ability to remove material on the soft side of the pillow allows to vary its overall height. You can create the pillow that suits you best.

Our product is patented, a guarantee of its unique and innovative character.