The Comfort ID pillow is personalized to your morphology. You adjust yourself its thickness at your convenience ­čÖé

1 / Remove the pillow from the shipping box

The first step is to take the pillow out of its box. Raise the flap and rotate the lid of the box to open it. You will find the pillow with his heart and explanatory booklet. Remove these last two and take the pillow out of the box.

2 / Remove the pillow from its cover and insert the core

The Confort ID pillow comes with a cotton carrying case that allows you to take it anywhere with you. Remove the product from its cover and insert the core in its center. We advise you to drag the core by pulling it to the other side as shown in this video.

3 / Adjust the thickness of the pillow

Depending on your morphology, you may find the pillow too thick. Its soft side is provided with an opening allowing to vary its thickness according to your preferences. You adjust it yourself by adding or removing part of the mixture ÔÇťNonchalanceÔÇŁ which this side is filled.

4 / Homogenization of the pillow

If you removed the mixture (step # 3) to reduce the thickness of the pillow, it is advisable to homogenize the thickness and density of the soft part of the pillow. To do this, simply massage the pillow by circulating the mixture from the solid part to the empty part.

5 / Comfort and thickness test

Test the pillow. Lie down and change position, make small poses from 30 seconds to 1 minute by closing your eyes to feel the comfort and support of the pillow heart. If you find it too thick, repeat steps 3, 4 and 5. Good nights! ­čśÇ