No worries ! Your pillow is very different from others. It must be adapted to your body and your preferences 🙂

1 / Our observation

Physical comfort is intimately related to the anatomy of each. It’s our muscles and tissues that relax. They are thus closer to their state of rest (ie neither in state of flexion nor in state of extension). That’s where the feeling of comfort comes from.

As we all have different anatomies, this state of rest can not be the same for everyone. To achieve the feeling of comfort, different parameters specific to each individual are to be taken into account.

2 / Make sure you have selected the right core

First, are you sure you have selected the right pillow heart? Our 4 references bring a comfort and support very different from each other.

Any doubt ? Do the test !

3 / Adapt yourself the thickness of your pillow

Then, adjust the thickness of the soft side, adding or removing lining by means of the zipped opening on the side of the product. Depending on your sleeping position we advise you.

Thick on the side
Medium on the back
End on the front

Take turns testing the firmness and fluffiness to find the comfort that’s right for you.